Umbrel Labs

Additional tools for Umbrel.

Umbrel Labs provides additional tools and tutorials for Umbrel that are requested by users, but not part of Umbrel (yet). This project is not part of Umbrel.

Our projects

We've already built a few tools, hopefully you'll find them useful


Additional ressources about Umbrel

UmbrelInfo contains additional information about Umbrel and answers many questions users have asked already.
Beta - Not fully stable

Umbrel GUI

GUI for Umbrel OS

This tool makes it possible to use a touchscreen or external HDMI screen with Umbrel.

Discord server

Talk about Umbrel on Discord

Our discord server which is linked to the telegram group allows you to talk about Umbrel and read information more organized.
Partner project

German Umbrel chats

Talk about Umbrel in German

View our partner Telgram group.

Beta - Not fully stable

Umbrel OS with desktop

The Raspberry Pi OS desktop on Umbrel

Use your Pi as full desktop computer that is a node too!

Other contributions to Umbrel

Including arm64 OS, improvements to automated builds, ...

We've also contributed to Umbrel otherwise and made some changes that benefit both users and developers.

BlueWallet App for Umbrel

LND using BlueWallet with Umbrel

This app that will be released in the future allows you to connect your BlueWallet with Umbrel over LNDHub.
Coming soon...

More unofficial apps

Do even more with your Umbrel

We're preparing additional apps to improve your experience with Umbrel, like NextCloud.

How to install

This installation of this GUI is currently not easily possible, you can contact me on Telegram about that.